Interesting Facts About the Subaru

19 Oct

Most car enthusiasts love Subaru cars because of their superior horsepower, low cost and its handling is quite easy.  Subaru cars are normally different from other makes of vehicles because of these reasons and more.  It is a very strong car on the road and its maintenance is quite affordable.  In addition to this, it is not expensive to acquire considering how powerful the vehicle is.  The following are facts about the Subaru car.

For the past many years, a 2017 Subaru BRZ Brookhaven MS has always had a boxer engine.  The boxer engine majorly contributes to its brand.  The engine has horizontal thrusting pistons unlike the other typical engines, which helps its output to travel into the transmission.  The Subaru also has good responsiveness and control since it has a lower center of gravity due to its flat design.  Also, in case of a front-end collision, the flat engine usually moves below the passenger compartment which makes it safer than the other type of engines.

Another reason why the Subaru is loved by many is that they are all made to be all-wheel drive.  They are the only cars with symmetrical all-wheel drive in the market.  With this system, the power from the engine is able to move in a straight line via the transmission then to the drive train, and all the four wheels enjoy the balance of power.  This, in essence, makes both sides of the car symmetrical which translates to better balance and control.

On the other hand, due to its all-wheel drive and its high performance, a Subaru is a racing legend.  This is because of its symmetrical design which gives the car a good traction and balance of power.  Additionally, they are famous for tearing down the rough raceway for many decades.  According to a research done by Motorsports, they say that since 1973, Subaru has won forty-seven times in the World Rally Championships. Watch this video at and know more about Subaru.

At the same time, Subaru cars have a reputation of the safe, most reliable and value-packed cars in the whole of the American market.  This is because of their high-performance and their prowess of tearing up rough roads. 

Finally, for a car that will be able to deliver for many years to come, you should think of a Subaru.  This is because Subaru is built to last.  Its boxer engine is known for reducing vibration which in turn allows the car to run more smoothly and efficiently.  This makes Subaru Dealerships Monroe LA a durable and high-performance car.

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